My Pet Treats is a family business where we work together with our 2 fur babies, ‘Chilli’ and ‘Milo’.

Several years ago we adopted a gorgeous 4 year old fur baby named 'Remy'.

We spoilt him with lots of love and affection. We fed him with what we considered to be the best available pet food and treats from Australia’s largest pet stores and supermarket shelves.

Time after time, we visited our local Veterinarian because Remy developed health issues. Itchy ears and skin, teary eyes, continuous scratching, hot spots, runny poo, expelling food and losing weight. A recommended change in his diet, prescription medicine, i.e., antibiotics, steroids, lotions etc., did little as his conditions continued.

We started to read and analyse the fine print on the back labels of pet food brands that were sold in pet shops, supermarkets and veterinary clinics.

It didn’t take long to realise, that many additives, "natural" preservatives, undefined meat meal, vegetable fillers, some grain, overseas ingredients, together with a minimal nutrition value, impacted his health and wellbeing. So, we decided to take it one step further.

The brand "My Pet Treats" was founded. Our vision to offer Super Premium, Australian Pet Treats and Pet Food with industry knowledge, experience and care was born.

Within weeks, Remy's health gradually improved. He was finally free of his medical conditions and lived a long and happy life. Remy became one of Australia's most popular Therapy Dogs. He was given the title of 'Dr. Remy' for bringing comfort and joy to patients and staff at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne.

Most weekends, you can find us at Melbourne's premium and sort after Farmers' Markets and on week days we are at our Factory and Retail Showroom in Cheltenham.

Today,  Chilli aka “Cheeky Chilli” and Milo are healthy and happy Therapy Dogs, bringing smiles and happiness to over 60,000 people every year.