Super Food - Our all natural, lean, crunchy and low in fat Australian dried tuna fishlets are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives making them a delicious and healthy treat for your fur baby. These treats a suitable for all dog and cat breeds.


High in protein for muscle and growth development, packed full of essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids assisting in the proper development of the nervous system, reduces inflammation and helps improve skin and coat condition. 


Rich in essential micronutrients B12 and B6 including niacin and riboflavin for energy and a healthy metabolism, prevents developmental abnormalities and chronic degenerative neoplastic diseases.


Includes taurine for healthy heart and eye function, with calcium for bones and keeping teeth and gums healthy, maintaining good dental hygiene.


Packaged in a convenient reusable zip lock stand up pouch, sealed for freshness for your fur babies to enjoy in the home or on the go, as a healthy, crunchy and tasty snack or treat.




Tuna Fishlets - (Super Food) Australian

  • 100% Australian Tuna 

    Protien 57.8%, Fat 13%, Fibre <0.1%, Salt 1.5%