Large Biscuit Bones - part of our healthy & crunchy dog biscuit range.


Our Artisan Cookies are hand made and slow baked in house using only premium human grade ingredients. They are preservative free and contain no artificial flavours or colours making them a healthy and irresistible crunchy snack or treat for on the go at the park or enjoyed at home.


Our biscuits are available in two sizes and are available in four delicious natural flavours:


  • Chicken and 3 Veg
  • Beef and Veggies
  • Apple & Cheddar
  • Peanut Butter & Honey


Why not spoil your fur baby today!



Large Biscuit Bones - Artisan - Baked weekly - Australian

  • All of our dog biscuits are free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours and are only made with human grade products. Our biscuit range contain the premium base blend of: Cold pressed unrefined organic coconut oil, spring water, flour, rice flour and oats.

    Each also has their unique blend of premium ingredients listed below.

    -Chicken, Sweet Potato and Rosemary biscuits also contain: Premium chicken mince, sweet potato and our home grown rosemary.

    -Beef, Vegetables and Parsley biscuits also contain: Premium beef, beef liver, carrots, peas and our home grown parsley. 

    -Apple, Cheddar and Chia Seeds biscuits also contain: Stewed apple, cheddar cheese and black chia seeds.

    -Peanut Butter, biscuits also contain: Peanut butter, honey, banana and black chia seeds.