Cow Hooves – Baked with our premium blend of human grade Ingredients and part of our Boredom Buster longer lasting treat range.


Our cow hooves are ethically sourced from only 100% Australian cows. They are trimmed, cleaned, dried and filled with our own premium blend of human grade ingredients. We slow bake them inhouse for up to 20 hours, making them a long lasting and mouth watering bordom buster chew.


They are great for medium and large breeds to relieve boredom and anxiety while strengthening their jaws. A natural method of cleaning teeth by removing plaque and tarter to maintain your fur babies dental health and hygiene.


Cow hooves are also high in protein, low in fat and have calcium and phosphorus for good muscle and bone development.


Our hooves are available in four delicious flavours leaving your fur baby spoilt for choice. 


  • Chicken, Sweet Potato and Rosemary

  • Beef, Vegetables and Parsley 

  • Apple, Cheddar Cheese and Chia Seeds 

  • Peanut Butter, Honey, Banana and Chia Seeds


Try one today! 


Puppies please note: To enjoy our premium baked hooves, please wait until you have your full set of adult teeth.




Cow Hooves – Filled with Premium Human Grade Ingredients (sizes vary) Australian

  • All cow hooves will vary in size and weight.