Bull Kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) is a Super Food Harvested from the pristine waters of Western Tasmania.


It contains at least 70 vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and proteins. Some of which are Vit B1, B12, B2, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iodine.


It assists in thyroid functioning, assists in energy levels, weight control, liver and, brain function, digestion, arthritis, pancreas, pituitary gland and memory function.


We suggest mixing it in with your dog’s food every second day.


We suggest Bull Kelp for dogs over 12 months old. Please consult with your Veterinarian if your dog is on medication and also diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.


Small Dogs – A Little Pinch, Medium Dogs - 5g, Large Dogs - 8g, Extra Large Dogs - 10g



Bull Kelp - (Super Food) Australian

  • Free from preservatives, additives, colours and nasties

  • Store in a cool dry place. Reseal bag after opening.