About Us

MY PET TREATS is a family business where we work together with our 2 fur babies, ‘Remy’ and ‘Chilli’.

We adopted Remy when he was 4 years old and spoilt him with love and affection. We fed him with what we considered to be the best available pet food and treats from Australia’s largest pet stores and supermarket shelves.

Time after time, we visited our local Veterinarian because Remy developed health issues. Itchy ears, teary eyes, continuous scratching, hot spots, runny poo, expelling food and losing weight.

We started researching the fine print on the back of well known pet food brands sold in pet shops, supermarkets and veterinary clinics. It didn’t take long to realise that various additives, meat substitutes and the lack of quality meat impacted his health and wellbeing, so we researched further.

The brand "Remy's Choice" was born and "My Pet Treats" was founded.

Today, Remy or "Doctor Remy" as he is known and 2 year old Chilli aka “Cheeky Chilli” are healthy accredited Therapy Dogs bringing smiles to over 10,000 people every year.

Their therapy portfolio includes Aged Care, Hospitals, including ICU, Cardiac, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Paediatrics, Palliative, Mental Health, the Homeless, Schools, Universities, Exhibitions, Fundraisers, Government Departments, Corporate Sector and the list goes on. Remy has brought much needed comfort and a soft coat to pet at funerals and public vigils.

We love our fur family and look after their health and wellbeing with love, care and understanding, whilst providing them with our healthy choices of meals and treats, so they may continue their Miracle Paws journey by bringing smiles and comfort for many more years.


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